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Seminar #2

October 15, 2018

Edward Zebovitz, DDS
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Global Approach Treatment Planning – From Implants to Airway to TM Joint to Smile Design





Summary of Topic: To demonstrate specific Facial and Skeletal characteristics that correlate to Temporomandibular Joint pathologies and the impact on Esthetics, Occlusion and Airway and the impact of these characteristics on treatment outcomes. Discussion of Treatment Planning and utilization of innovative treatment protocols to insure ideal predictable and stable life-long esthetic and functional benefits.


Course Objectives:

  1. To Learn to identify the Skeletal Patterns and Malocclusions and the effects on Airway
  2. To Review TM Joint Related Issues resulting in Skeletal Patterns
  3. To Evaluate Skeletal patterns and impact of Esthetics
  4. To Review the anatomy of the Airway and area of obstruction
  5. To Review Non Surgical Options for treatment of Constricted Airway
  6. To Review Clinical Indications for Surgical Procedures
  7. To Introduce New Surgical Protocols and their indications
  8. To Introduce adjunctive esthetic procedures
  9. To Introduce potential Outcomes of Surgical Procedure