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Feb 08

Seminar #4 | FEBRUARY 8th, 2021

From Concept, to Prototype, to Restoration; CPR for the Worn Dentition

Dr. Hartlieb lectures extensively to dentists throughout the US on the art and science of anterior and posterior direct resin techniques. As a consultant for many dental manufacturers, Dr. Hartlieb is influential in the design of materials widely used in restorative dentistry. His dentistry has been seen in many dental publications and he has contributed articles on his techniques in restorative dentistry. Dr. Hartlieb was named as one of 5 people to watch in dentistry by Dental Products Report.

Management of the patient with the worn dentition is a challenge many restorative dentists are faced with in their practices. The etiology of the wear appears to be multi-factorial and the occurrence of wear cases seems to be increasing, both in severity and in the number of patients presenting with these issues. The traditional strategy of utilizing a pre-operative wax-up and going directly to preparation of the teeth for definitive restorations, creates a situation where the dentist is not able to test the planned occlusal and esthetic changes until after tooth preparation is completed. This presentation will review a concept utilizing direct resin bonding in a no-preparation, reversible technique. The direct bonded restorations serve as a prototype, allowing the dentist to work out esthetic, occlusal, functional and phonetic issues with the patient, allowing for more predictable definitive restorations.


Feb 08


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