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Mar 07

Seminar #5 | March 7th, 2022

Solving Occlusal Problems in a Digital World

Seminar Location & Details:
Hilton Inverness Hotel 
200 Inverness Drive W, Englewood, CO 80112

  • Free parking is provided at the hotel.
  • Seminars open at 8 am with complimentary coffee, tea and pastires.
  • Seminars run from 9 am to 5 p.m. Lunch is provided.
  • You will receive 6CE credits for each lecture and we are an AGD provider.

Seminar Description:
Digital workflows in the dental profession are evolving at an incredibly rapid rate. While  these technological advances have they capacity’s to increase predictability, efficiency as well  as profitability, utilizing them in the absence of sound esthetic, functional, and occlusal  principles, can actually create more harm than good. In this program you will learn how to align  sound occlusal (as well as esthetic and biologic) principles, with digital workflows to increase  accuracy as well as the speed in which you can deliver care. Special emphasis will be placed  on visualizing and creating sound occlusal contacts that will manage force appropriately in  simple as well as complex situations. Utilizing digital/virtual articulation to do wax ups, perform  trial equilibration, visualize orthodontic outcomes, design and create occlusal splints will all be  part of this seminar. Come and find out why there has never been a better time to make the  transition to digital!

Learning Objectives:

  • How to get the most out of your intraoral scanner, and how this technology can  increase the predictability, efficiency and profitability of our dental practices. 
  • How to design a stable, minimal stress occlusion, and how to visualize this in a  virtual/digital environment. 
  • Why we can now do everything on a virtual/digital articulator that we could do on  traditional instrumentation, a lot faster, with fewer mistakes. 
  • Different digital workflows to create a printed diagnostic wax up (with ideal esthetic &  occlusal design), either doing it yourself, or working with a dental laboratory. 
  • How to integrate a virtual diagnostic wax up, with CBCT technology, to plan simple  and complex implant cases, and why this is the key proper implant placement. • How to design & create surgical guides for guided implant surgery, for a single  implant all the way to an All-On-4,5,6 restoration.  
  • How to design and create a variety of occlusal splints in a 100 percent virtual  environment, and why this has been a game changer Dr. Cranham’s practice.


Dr. John Cranham practices in Chesapeake Virginia focusing on esthetic dentistry, implant dentistry, occlusal reconstruction, TMJ/Facial Pain and solving complex problems with an interdisciplinary focus. He is an honors graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University in 1988. He served the school as a part time clinical instructor from 1991-1998 earning the student given part time faculty of the year twice during his stint at the university. After studying form the greats in occlusion (Pete Dawson & The Pankey Institute) and Cosmetic Dentistry (Nash, Dickerson, Hornbrook, Rosental, Spear, Kois) during the 1990’s, Dr. Cranham created a lecture in 1997 called The Cosmetic Occlusal Connection. This one day lecture kept him very busy traveling the world, presenting his workflows on these seemingly diametrically opposed ideas. In 2001 he created Cranham Dental Seminars which provided, both lecture, and intensive hands on opportunities to learn. 

In 2004 he began lecturing at The Dawson Academy with his mentor Pete Dawson, which led to the merging of Cranham Dental Seminars with  The Dawson Academy in 2007. At that point he became a 1/3 partner and its acting Clinical Director. He has held that position since that time. His responsibilities include the standardization of the content & faculty within The Academy, teaching the Lecture Classes all over the world, overseeing the core curriculum, as well as constantly evolving the curriculum to stay up to pace with the ever evolving world of Dentistry. In September of 2020 Dr. Cranham stepped down as Clinical Director, but maintains a strong relationship with The Academy, teaching some of the classes and as an advisor to the new Clinical Director.  During his 25 years as an educator, he became one of the most sought after speakers in dentistry. To date he has presented over 1500 full days of continuing education all over the world. Today his focus is on integrating sound occlusal, esthetic, and sound restorative principles into efficient digital workflows, and ultimately coaching doctors on how to integrate them into their practices. He does this under the new umbrella of Cranham Clinical Coaching. 

Dr. Cranham has published numerous articles on restorative dentistry and in 2018 released a book The Complete Dentist he co-authored with Pete Dawson. In 2011 He along with Dr. Drew Cobb created The Dawson Diagnostic Wizard treatment planning software that Dawson utilizes to help adhere to the treatment planning protocols within the Academy, today it is known as the Smile Wizard. Additionally,  He has served as a key opinion leader and on advisory boards with numerous dental companies. In 2020 he published a book entitled “The Cornell Effect-A Families Journey Toward Happiness, Fulfillment and Peace”. It is an up from the ashes story about his adopted son, who overcame incredible odds, and ultimately inspired the entire family to be better. Of all the things he has done, he believes getting this story down on paper is having the greatest impact.


Mar 07