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Announcing the Fall 2017/Spring 2018 Schedule

Below is the lecture series planned for 2017-2018. Details and registration for the upcoming series will be available on this website in July 2017.

Lecture Series for 2017-2018

September 18, 2017
Gary Morris, DDS

October 9, 2017
Lou Kaufman, DDS
Minimal Prep Veneers/Practice Management

November 13, 2017
Hal Crossley, DDS, MS, Ph.D.
Street Drugs Exposed

February 5, 2018
Marco Vujicic, Ph.D.
The Future of Dentistry From the Eyes of a Data Wonk

March 5, 2018
Mark Hutten, DDS
An Update in Hospital Dentistry – Implants/Maxillofofacial Prosthodontics

April 2, 2018
Lee Brady, DDS
Top Clinical Tips for Esthetic Success

Download a PDF of the 2017-2018 Schedule