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Seminar #6

April 1, 2019

James C. Kessler, BS, DDS

A Look at New Materials through
the Lens of Proven Principles





There are proven restorative materials whose preparation requirements, fabrication techniques, and functional predictability are very familiar to dentists and dental laboratory technicians. At the same time there is a barrage of commercially biased information to sort through regarding new materials and technologies. In this presentation we will accomplish an impartial examination of the properties and the evidence associated with these “hot” new materials as well as their different fabrication techniques. Based on our knowledge of proven principles, we will discuss how these restorative alternatives compare with traditional options and what we might predict for these new, and often untested materials.


Participants should understand:

  • what considerations, other than “will it break?”, come into play when determining whether a material has the potential for long term success or failure
  • the physical properties for all-ceramic materials with particular emphasis on what most frequently leads to failure
  • a proven, but often ignored, thought process to consider when evaluating restorative materials