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Seminar #3

November 5, 2018

Jeffrey S. Rouse, DDS
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Could it be an Airway Problem? The Story of Three Patients



The hardest beliefs to change are those learned in dental school or residency. The first exposure to a concept seems to stick even when presented with new clinical evidence to the contrary. Dr. Rouse will present a personal journey of airway-induced problems found in three of his patients. All three were missed by the “normal” medical and dental practices and procedures. No one bothered to ask, “Could this be Airway?” Dr. Rouse will also present the challenges to changing the mindset of your team members including those in the medical community.


Attendees should learn:

  1. Dentistry’s unique ability to recognize airway alterations before medical disease progression
  2. Detection of three cases presenting routinely to general and specialty practices
  3. Models for expanding your interdisciplinary practice into medicine
  4. Understand the impact of airway dysfunction on dental treatment planning of complex cases